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Problem Property Surrendered in Paphos

17 January 20231 min readby Tom Miskelly

Cyprus Paphos

We were contacted by an individual who owned a 1-bedroom townhouse in the popular area of Paphos.

The property had become a nuisance for our client, who was based in the United States. The expensive mortgage payments were taking up a lot of his disposable income.

He was having trouble trying to sell the property as it had no title deeds and to make matters worse, the mortgage term did not end until he was well into his retirement.

The property was purchased pre-2008 and was already in negative equity. With no title deeds, it would have been nearly impossible to sell and would have left him with a large shortfall.

What did we do?

After lengthy negotiations with this very difficult Cypriot lender, we secured the surrender of the property back to the bank. At the same time, we negotiated with the developer for outstanding maintenance fees owed for the property.

For both of these debts, we achieved a complete debt write-off, saving the gentleman over €110,000 when all costs were taken into account.  

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