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Spanish Deposit Claims

EU Property Solutions have numerous cases lodged in Spanish Courts for borrowers who lost their deposit on Off Plan Spanish Property Developments. We understand the legal process for obtaining a deposit refund and it is essential the process is followed closely to ensure a successful claim.

There is no guarantee of success given a decision is made by a judge but understanding the process and having the correct documentation gives a chance of success.

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Why can I claim now?

In the turmoil of the 2008 property market crash there were very many victims, not least those who committed to purchase property, but who were then failed by the developers, solicitors and the banks of the day.

Recent legislation passed by the Spanish Supreme court in Madrid has ruled in favour of the client and has created an opportunity to reclaim these lost deposits.

The ruling has now enabled people to pursue the Banks for the lost deposits. “The right to recover the deposits placed on unfinished property in Spain is solid and financial institutions are now obligated to reimburse the deposit plus interest” EU Property Solutions, on your behalf can now peruse legal action to reclaim what is rightfully yours.

EU Property Solutions have established a specialised service to help those people wronged typically in the period 2004 to 2009, when in good faith many were duped into paying a deposit to start the purchase of a Spanish Property, very often for ‘off-plan’ development. The process can be lengthy but for many worth the wait.

Success Story

EU Property Solutions successfully won a court case against a Bank in Spain who failed to hold a former Premiership & International Footballer’s deposit paid to a developer. Through 4 years of legal works including 3 court hearings we successfully recovered the deposit of €278,000 plus interest. Due to the time passed the claim exceeded €450,000.

This was a great result for the client who was fundamentally wronged by both a Developer and a Bank whom the funds where trusted to.

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