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Introducing our Risk-Free Solution: No Win, No Fee

25 September 20232 min readby Tom Miskelly

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Background To Our New NO WIN NO FEE Initiative

We, at EU Property Solutions, have always dedicated ourselves to actively assisting second homeowners in discovering effective solutions for resolving foreign property debt issues across Europe. Over the years, our unwavering commitment has helped numerous clients alleviate their financial burdens and restore peace of mind. We understand that financial constraints can be a significant hurdle when seeking professional assistance. Over the years, we’ve taken client suggestions onboard.

A Growing Challenge for Pre-2008 European Property Owners

Many individuals who purchased a property in Europe prior to 2008 are still grappling with a host of challenges. These issues can include unaffordable mortgage repayments and negative equity problems that prevent property sales. There is also the matter of the expiration of interest-only periods and the transfer of foreign mortgages to a vulture fund. We recognise the difficulties faced by these property owners. As a result, we’re excited to unveil our new NO WIN NO FEE initiative.

Introducing Our NO WIN NO FEE Initiative

We understand that the financial burden associated with seeking professional assistance can be daunting. That’s why we’re introducing our NO WIN NO FEE initiative. This is to make our services more accessible and affordable for those seeking solutions to their foreign property mortgage challenges. With this initiative, you will no longer need to make a retainer payment to access our services (subject to conditions). Instead, we will align our fees with your success. You will only pay for our services if we successfully resolve your foreign property issues.

Our Dedicated Team

At EU Property Solutions, we take pride in our in-house specialists and on-the-ground legal teams. They commit to delivering the same high-quality service you have come to expect from us, all while giving you the peace of mind that arises from a payment arrangement based on NO WIN NO FEE.

Get in Touch Today

If you find yourself receiving letters from a vulture fund and/or facing foreign property debt issues in Europe and are in search of a solution, please do not hesitate to contact our specialist team. You can reach us at 0330 124 1230 or email [email protected]. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Explore Our Resources

In the meantime, we invite you to explore our YouTube channel. There, you will find a wealth of information, including our most recent case studies and client testimonial videos. These resources can offer valuable insights into how we have successfully assisted individuals like you in resolving their foreign property debt issues.

We commit to assisting you in discovering the relief you require from your foreign property debt challenges. With our new NO WIN NO FEE initiative, we aim to make our services more accessible and affordable for individuals seeking to put an end to their foreign property mortgage woes.

Click the image below for more information, Contact us today, and let us help you regain control of your financial future.

Received a vulture fund letter? EU Property Solutions introduce No Win No Fee

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