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Have You Received An Email From Finsolutia?

11 January 20242 min readby Tom Miskelly


Finsolutia’s Emergence in Spain’s Post-2008 Property Demise

Have you received a letter, email, or phone call from Finsolutia?

In the realm of property, Finsolutia stands as a significant vulture fund. Often associated with intricate financial affairs tied to properties in Spain. This sector is led by names such as Aliseda/Anticipa, from Blackstone; Servihabitat, from Lone Star and CaixaBank. Altamira, by DoValue; Solvia, from Intrum; Haya Real Estate, from Cerberus, and Hipoges to name a few.

They are currently managing a diverse portfolio relating to a substantial number of Non-Performing Loans within the Spanish property market.

What could that mean for you?

Encountering a communication from Finsolutia about your Spanish property can understandably cause uncertainty or raise questions. Should you find yourself in such a situation, EU Property Solutions emerges as a reliable resource poised to provide clarity and support. Our expertise navigates you through the complexities, offering guidance tailored to address concerns stemming from correspondence from Finsolutia.

How Can EU Property Solutions Help?

For many individuals who bought a property in Spain pre-2008 and have since encountered problems on the back of this, dealing with these property debt-related communications can be challenging. Should you find yourself in this position, feeling perplexed or seeking more information about Finsolutia’s involvement with your Spanish property, EU Property Solutions stands ready to explain the situation and provide concise, knowledgeable guidance.

EU Property Solutions are trusted advisors, adept at unravelling the complexities that arise from interactions with vulture funds like Finsolutia. We possess the knowledge and resources necessary to assist in clarifying matters and alleviating any stress or worry you may have about your Spanish property issue.


Receiving correspondence from Finsolutia in the form of emails, letters or phone calls can prompt confusion or uncertainty regarding your Spanish property. Therefore, it is crucial to seek the expertise of EU Property Solutions. Their proficiency and adeptness in addressing matters related to Finsolutia engagements can provide reassurance and clarity in navigating these intricate scenarios.

Your trust is paramount to us at EU Property Solutions. We are dedicated to supporting you at every step of this process.

If you have received correspondence from Finsolutia, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free initial consultation. Do not forget to check out our YouTube Channel too. These insightful videos include recent success cases, webinars, interviews with former clients and how we can assist you.

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