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Foreign Property Debt: Removing The Doubts

18 March 20244 min readby Tom Miskelly

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We may be a little biased; however, EU Property Solutions are an exceptional choice when it comes to resolving your issue in the world of foreign property debt. Of course, we are very aware that our clients were previously misled when they purchased what was to be their dream property abroad in the sun.

Therefore, a common challenge we find with potential clients is a lack of trust and belief that our services are as advantageous as they seem. Fear not! In today’s article, we’ll dissect the top 5 reasons some individuals might approach EU Property Solutions with scepticism, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, we shed light on the reality behind our fantastic team and the services we provide.

“It Sounds Too Good To Be True!” But It’s Not!

1. “I Don’t Have the Time to Deal with This!” 

Once you hear how much money, stress and panic you will alleviate by appointing representation, you’ll find the time. Once you come on board as a client, we take full ownership of your case, meaning you don’t have to deal with ANYTHING…think of all the time you’ll get back? It’s a win-win. Your designated case manager will proceed with taking on all correspondence on your behalf. We will keep you updated regularly on your case. Our commitment to transparent negotiations might seem like a rarity. However, we are dedicated when it comes to offering clear communication, ethical practices, and a client-oriented approach in every case.

2. “How Can I Trust You Will Resolve This?”

The cornerstone of EU Property Solutions is instilling trust through our unwavering commitment to putting clients first. This customer-centric focus could be perceived as ‘too good to be true’, especially if you have been ignored by previous organisations that sold you the dream but left you with a costly nightmare. We share your frustration and understand why you may be lacking trust when it comes to resolving the issue at present. Our friendly and knowledgeable team outline all of the options available to each client based on their specific situation; we do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach.

When we’re not onboarding new clients, we’re screaming and shouting about our client testimonials and success stories, which underscore our genuine concern for client satisfaction. It’s also important to note that we provide all potential clients with contact details of previous successful clients and real-life case studies to dispel doubts about the transparency of our negotiations.

3. “You Can Reduce the Debt by How Much?!” 

At the core of EU Property Solutions, there is an unparalleled ability to navigate large, complex debt situations related to your foreign property. The effectiveness of our debt resolution services can appear ‘too good to be true’ for those who have previously attempted to resolve it themselves and are accustomed to the prolonged and arduous process of foreign debt negotiations. Initially, our clients often think the savings we can achieve are almost impossible. However, we delve into the intricacies of our expert methods with our clients, showcasing how our expertise and strategic approaches lead to successful resolutions that surpass expectations and achieve massive debt reductions, still not convinced? Watch the below video…

Debbie & Dave discuss their experience working with EU Property Solutions

4. “OK, This Sounds Amazing … But Can I Have This in Writing?”

With our services, what you see is what you get. The inclusion of robust guarantees in our service agreement ensures that we provide you with confidence that what we outline to you at the start of the process will be provided as tangible results when your case has been fully resolved. By examining the details of our guarantees, we aim to showcase that EU Property Solutions’ commitment to client transparency and satisfaction goes beyond mere promises; our senior consultant, Liam, goes through the T’s & C’s in a face-to-face meeting or a video call before presenting them to you in our Service Agreement.

We’re so confident in our strategies that we even offer a no-win, no-fee initiative, so you have nothing to lose…A LOT to gain.

5. “Help! I am Still Receiving Correspondence About My Foreign Property Debt!”

We pride ourselves on our excellent client support services before, during and after case conclusion. On rare occasions, you may continue to receive letters or emails regarding your foreign debt issue after successful case completion. As our client, you never have to worry about this. By contacting us immediately, we can review this for you and resolve any issues promptly. 


While scepticism is a natural response to the seemingly extraordinary savings we can achieve for you, we hope that we have clarified how EU Property Solutions are a reliable and trustworthy choice for property-related challenges in Europe. Through unmatched debt resolution, transparent negotiations, a client-centric approach, innovative solutions, and robust guarantees, we aim to demonstrate that our services are not just as good as they seem but exceed expectations, making EU Property Solutions a beacon of reliability in the foreign property debt solutions landscape. Contact us today and check out our YouTube channel for helpful videos on all our services.

Thanks for reading!

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