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Welcome to EU Property Solutions Monthly Newsletter - the most up-to-date information regarding foreign mortgage issues, straight to you every month!

From the beginning of 2021, we've noticed a pattern of enquiries with clients asking very similar questions:

- What does Covid-19 mean for my foreign property?
- I've fallen behind on my mortgage payments...will they repossess my Spanish property?
- I have received letters from Alpha Bank, is my Cypriot property at risk? 
- Why am I being pursued in the UK by debt collection agencies, is this allowed? 

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EU Property Solutions Monthly Newsletter has the most up-to-date information surrounding foreign mortgage issues; including the steps borrowers should be taking to tackle these issues and alleviate the burden of foreign property debt.

We understand that a lot of borrowers who have a foreign property in Spain/Cyprus might be asking themselves the exact same questions so what better way than to address all of these issues in Newsletter format? Straight into your inbox every month!

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The most up-to-date information surrounding foreign property issues – and how you can best protect yourself against any Bank proceedings. 

P.S Did you know?

Terry Bell, Chairman of EU Property Solutions and host of the Real-Talk podcast has released a new book ‘Foreign Property – Mortgage Nightmare’ for foreign property owners who are trying to navigate their way out of foreign mortgage issues as well as outlining all the options available.

This book will take you through the current challenges borrowers are facing and most importantly focusing on the action that they can take to rid themselves of this burden, free of the usual jargon Terry cuts to the chase!

The book also covers:

  • The 2008 Financial Crash along with the consequences that follow.
  • Swiss-Franc Mortgages and Cypriot Lenders.
  • Interest-Only Guaranteed Yields.
  • Being pursued back in the UK.
  • The Banks now.
  • The ‘B’ word…Brexit.
  • The Options and Solutions that are available out there.

“This book cuts through the nonsense that’s out there and focuses purely on the retaliation methods borrowers can use to attack their Spanish/Cypriot mortgage issue head-on!” – Mrs.Harrison – EU Property Solutions client.

Success Story


EU Property Solutions were appointed in March 2019 to assist with a property in the Ex-Pat hotspot of Paphos.

Our clients had a Swiss Franc Mortgage with Alpha Bank for CHF 414,000 (€384,000). The Property was valued at €130,000. Mortgage payments were at €1,300pcm and arrears, penalties, and interest accruing.

Natalie, our Case Manager has worked diligently to get Alpha Banks Committee to accept the Transfer of Ownership of the Property to the Bank and a lump sum payment of £25,000 (Sterling). We have avoided a Property Sale which given circumstances currently with COVID and mass supply in Cyprus could have been nearly impossible.

Our clients are able to move in with their lives, not having to look back at the burden of Cypriot property issues.

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