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“Foreign Property - Mortgage Nightmare: The essential guide for borrowers who purchased prior to the 2008 Financial Crash." 

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“Foreign Property – Mortgage Nightmare: The essential guide for borrowers who purchased prior to the 2008 Financial Crash.” 

Terry Bell, Chairman of EU Property Solutions and host of the Real-Talk podcast has released a new book ‘Foreign Property – Mortgage Nightmare’ for foreign property owners who are trying to navigate their way out of foreign mortgage issues as well as outlining all the options available.

This e-book takes you through the current challenges borrowers are facing and most importantly focusing on the action that they can take to rid themselves of this burden, free of the usual jargon Terry cuts to the chase!

This book also covers:

  • The 2008 Financial Crash along with the consequences that follow.
  • Swiss-Franc Mortgages and Cypriot Lenders.
  • Interest-Only Guaranteed Yields.
  • Being pursued back in the UK.
  • The Banks now.
  • The ‘B’ word…Brexit.
  • The Options and Solutions that are available out there.

This is Terry Bell’s second book release.The Business Pandemic: SME Debt Problems’ was published to support business owners who are experiencing business debt issues. 

“This book cuts through the nonsense that’s out there and focuses purely on the retaliation methods borrowers can use to attack their Spanish/Cypriot mortgage issue head-on!” – Mrs.Harrison – EU Property Solutions client.

Finally, click HERE to read your free copy today!

Foreign Property - Mortgage Nightmare

Success Story

A retired couple from Nottinghamshire approached us with their holiday apartment in San Luis Sabinillas, near Duquesa on the Costa del Sol.

They had a mortgage outstanding of €170,000, with the property being valued at €159,000. The monthly cost was €90 – but the issue here was this product was sold on an interest-only basis and the retired couple, both over 70, would need to raise €170,000. This was not feasible.­

The couple appointed our services and we stepped in to negotiate with the bank. Our experienced legal team deals with cases like this regularly and were able to achieve the voluntary surrender of the property and a complete debt write-off. Most importantly, their UK home was protected, and the couple were able to enjoy their retirement worry-free.

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