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Which Countries Do We Specialise in?


EU Property Solutions are proud of the growing number of clients we assist across the Countries in Europe and in fact the world. Pre–2008 we saw many investors purchase their property in the sun. A large number of these borrowers have fallen foul of the much-publicised property market decline.

With so many borrowers falling into Negative Equity and property debt; EU Property Solutions was incorporated to assist as many individuals as possible. To date we have successfully completed cases in:

EU Property Solutions are also seeing an increase in enquiries relating to Cyprus and in particular mortgages sold in Swiss Francs. We understand the core lender in Cyprus and their current processes and can assist borrowers with issues here.

Looking further afield, in the last three months we have had settlements in New Zealand and Hungary. The Hungarian case was another example of poor lending by overseas Banks using the Swiss Franc Currency.

EU Property Solutions are the market leader in Negative Equity Debt Negotiation and achieve regular settlements across the countries listed often saving clients hundreds of thousands of Euros. We know the processes involved for each specific lender. This allows up to date and current advice being available to our clients.

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