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Shortfall Debt Collection in the UK

Since 2008 there have been thousands of borrowers who fell behind on their mortgage repayments across Europe. There are valid reasons for this declining rental income, Increasing Monthly Payments, Negative Equity or change in Financial Circumstances.

As in any country if you fall behind on your mortgage commitments the lender can commence repossession action. Once repossessed the property is often sold at auction typically at 70% of the market value or less! If a shortfall remains on the mortgage account, you are still liable.

If ignored we have seen Overseas Lenders appoint UK Legal Representation to submit County Court Claims, issue Writs, place charges on UK assets and place defaults on UK Credit Files.

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Resolving Shortfall Debt

We are seeing an increasing number of borrowers being contacted by UK Solicitors collecting outstanding debts for Overseas lenders. Using various treaty’s once a judgement is gained in the country the property is located & the lender can collect in the borrower’s home state. You will be contacted confirming the balance owed.

At this stage a lump sum settlement will be required, the lender will have paid legal costs for which you are liable. This will not go away.

EU Property Solutions can act using the backdrop of our in depth knowledge of processes in the home country to counter act arguments put forward by UK solicitors. We can protect your Assets, Credit Files and ensure legal action is ceased. Our settlements typically range from 10%-20% of the outstanding shortfall balance.

We read many online forums and see individuals commenting that they have handed the keys back to the Bank and walked away. This is false, do not bury your head in the sand. There is always a solution.

If ignored we have seen Overseas Lenders appoint UK Legal Representation to submit County Court Claims, Issue Writs, Place Charges on UK assets and Place Defaults on UK Credit Files.

Success Story

Calp, Spain. 

Our client purchased a property in Spain, due to a change in circumstances mortgage payments were stopped. Eventually, their lender repossessed our clients property. Due to a decline in the market the lender sold the property at a loss and appointed a Solicitors firm in London to pursue the debt in UK.  The shortfall balance outstanding was €109,389.

EU Property Solutions settled this debt for €4,000. We protected our clients significant UK assets and income. We also stopped any additional legal action in UK including Bankruptcy.

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