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Helping People With Foreign Property Debt & Negative Equity.

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EU Property Solutions can provide a strategy for Negative Equity properties. Our efforts to network across Europe have allowed us to develop specialist Legal Teams focusing on Property Debt issues and strategies to resolve them. We have in-depth knowledge of Banking and Legal processes achieving exceptional results.

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‘EU Property Solutions helped to change our lives forever' - John, Birmingham

We can help

EU Property Solutions assist borrowers daily who have Property Debt issues abroad. To date we have concluded settlements in the following countries:

Spain | Cyprus | Portugal | France | Italy | Canada | United States of America | Cape Verde | New Zealand | Hungary

We can help end Negative Equity Property burdens and ensure you can move on with your life.


Negative Equity Debt on Property

EU Property Solutions specialise in assisting borrowers whose outstanding mortgage is greater than the property value. You don’t need to be a “Mortgage Prisoner”. We work day in day out resolving cases where client’s face significant Negative Equity debts.


Shortfall Debt Collection in the UK.

Did you miss payments on your Overseas Mortgage? Did you hand the keys back and walk away? It is very likely your lender will appoint UK representation to collect your outstanding debt. EU Property Solutions act for client’s who are being pursued in their home country for an overseas debt. This includes removing charges placed on home assets.


Spanish Deposit Claims

During the boom in Spain many developers promised exciting new developments to potential investors. Thousands of victims lost money paid to a developer and their dream property never completed. EU Property Solutions legal team can assist recovering lost deposits plus interest for failed investments in Spain.


Finance & Sales

Given our line of work we have developed a trusted network of Estate Agents and Finance Brokers in the countries we work in. EU Property Solutions can refer to the relevant specialist in your area. You can rest assured our trusted partners take the same proactive attitude to their works as we do.







Success Story

A married couple from Hertfordshire approached us with their holiday villa in La Cala Golf & Country Club. They had an outstanding mortgage of €678,000 with Banco Sabadell. The property was valued at c€559,000 and with selling costs this would have left a shortfall of c€180,000.

The couple were paying €3,208pcm on the Spanish property which was unsustainable for them as their home mortgage was moving from interest only to capital repayment.

EU Property Solutions were appointed and negotiated with the Bank to achieve the disposal of the property and a complete shortfall debt write off.

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