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Helping People With Foreign Property Debt & Negative Equity.

Is Your Home in Spain, Portugal or Cyprus in Negative Equity?

We offer a completely FREE, no obligation, initial consultation

Is Your Home in Spain, Portugal or Cyprus in Negative Equity?

We offer a completely FREE, no obligation, initial consultation

Swiss Franc (SwFr) Mortgage Issues

Swiss Franc Mortgages are singularly the worst financial product to be stuck with. They were extensively sold across Europe in the early 2000’s, especially in Cyprus.

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Some people ask… “how to do we get out of a Swiss Franc Cypriot mortgage?” – our response is, unfortunately…you can’t.

They were undoubtedly mis-sold* on the premise that the Swiss Franc was a safe currency in times of trouble. It wasn’t! The net effect of Swiss Franc mortgages has created a terrible scenario seeing:

Swiss mortgages in Cyprus have seen huge negative equity situations arise, with rising loan amounts coupled with falling values.

How can we help?

Over the years, we at EU Property Solutions have developed relationships with local Banks across Cyprus, and they respect our work. Our approach to Banks holding Swiss Franc (chf) mortgages coupled with our hand-picked legal teams, sees us achieve excellent outcomes for our clients, who face these dilemmas.

This is particularly the case for clients facing negative equity across Europe, especially those holding Swiss Franc Mortgages.

We refer to Swiss Franc Mortgages as ‘the Anti-Christ’. A bit dramatic perhaps, but if you are stuck with such a mortgage you will know the catastrophic effect these can have on your financial wellbeing.

We fully appreciate you have been wronged and to support us in establishing the trust needed here, we have a real video and telephone testimonials are available from past satisfied clients – see below.

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We offer a completely free, no obligation initial consultation

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We are a UK based firm with legal teams in Spain and Cyprus who understand the market and Bank practices as they stand. We remove the language barrier and utilise law, Bank lending flaws and current client circumstances to negotiate the best feasible outcome for all our clients.

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EU Property Solutions was formed following the success of our associate firm Bell & Company. An FCA registered firm of Debt Strategists, Bell & Company assist individuals in difficulty in the UK and Republic of Ireland with Personal and Business-related debt issues.

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We have an excellent track record of success. Our success stories and testimonials come straight from our clients & highlight the high quality of our works and outcomes. We have individuals willing to speak to prospective clients on the telephone to offer their story and experience.

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Our obligation is always to our client and that is where our strength lies. Debt is highly stressful and emotional. We deal with debt day in day out and employing an intermediary removes emotion from the situation allowing clear strategy to be implemented to get the best outcome for our clients. Understanding a firm of professionals is acting on your behalf can remove stress and focus the mind to a positive end goal.

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