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Client Successes Achieved

See our various excellent client successes achieved outlined below.

The testimonials are kindly provided by clients who we have assisted in ending their overseas property debt burden. For many clients’, our achievements are life-changing.

Many of our existing clients have gone on to provide transparent references to our prospective clients as a means of reassurance.

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David - West Midlands

€101,500 settled for €7,500.

Anonymous - United Kingdown

Anonymous, United Kingdom

Bob, London - United Kingdom

Anonymous - Co. Down, Northern Ireland

Successes Achieved

Negative Equity Settlement

“I contacted EU Property Solutions after they were recommended to us by a close friend of ours. We had purchased a property in the popular resort of Alboran Hills in the Costa Del Sol however the holiday dream had quickly come to an end.
It had come to the point where the property was in negative equity and many other owners were leaving the development. There was no financial future in holding on to this property.

EU Property Solutions intervened and took complete control of the situation. They kept me informed of everything that was going on and communicated very well. I learnt that this process was much quicker and less stressful than tackling it alone.

Now I feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders. I am freed up and can plan ahead financially. The burden of making the initial decision has gone and I honestly feel like my life has more hope! I can also travel to other destinations on holiday.

I would recommend EU Property Solutions to anyone in a similar situation. For me not paying the mortgage whilst this process was underway helped me enormously.”

Mr. Smyth - London

Shortfall Success

Having retired a couple of years ago and with my wife suffering from ill health, I was still having to manage a property in Spain and paying €1100 a month on a Spanish mortgage. I made direct contact with my lender and they were very unhelpful.

I got introduced to EU Property Solutions through a neighbour in Spain; they managed the process from start to finish and negotiated our exit from Spain, and we didn’t have to pay the lender anything on a significant shortfall.

Myself and my wife can now start to enjoy our retirement and life again for the first time in nearly a decade, all thanks to EU Property Solutions

J.F - Northern Ireland

Casares Settlement

Mr G from Essex has told us about his personal experience with EU Property Solutions below:

We owned a property in the Casares area in Estepona in Spain that we could no longer sustain financially. The mortgage had not been paid for a considerable time and the bank was intransigent in its conditions to release us from the mortgage.

The property had been with a local agent for about 3-4 years and we could not sell at the bank’s valuation of the property.We had received a communication from British Solicitors informing us of the banks intention to take action in the UK. This was incredibly worrying for us and we had to find a solution.

We were also paying for community charges though we had not used the property for some years. Local taxes had also accrued.After contacting EU Property Solutions in a very short space of time they prepared a case for us and represented it to the bank. The bank agreed to take the property back in full and final settlement of the mortgage, which was considerably larger than the value of the property.

They also paid all outstanding debt attached to the property without detriment to our credit rating in the UK.In short, to coin a phrase, ‘we feel that an enormous weight has been lifted from our shoulders’.We no longer feel gloomy about the financial future and our nightmare in Spain has been brought to an end.

I would not hesitate to recommend EU Property Solutions to anyone who finds themselves in similar circumstances.

They were quick, professional and extremely efficient. They did what it says on the packet.

Mr G - Essex.

Costa Del Sol Settlement

I bought a property in 2007 in the resort of La Cala in the Costa Del sol. This was an Interest only mortgage of €194,000. In 2008 the housing market hit rock bottom due to the financial crash leaving myself and many others in Negative Equity.

The interest only period on the mortgage had now ended, making the monthly repayments treble to €1,600. This amount was way out of reach for me and the debt began mounting up.

The burden of this debt was very traumatic. Its always on your mind, giving you sleepless nights and all I did was worry about how I was going to get out of this situation. I own my house outright in the UK and I worried constantly about it being taken away to pay off this debt. This was not a healthy situation to be in.

I first spoke to the Director of EU Property Solutions from his office in Leeds. I informed him of my situation regarding my mortgage. He quickly assured me that he could sort this all out for me and told me all about the company and how he could assist me. He advised me that my case will be dealt with by their legal team in Spain.

One of the Spanish Legal team members over in Spain managed everything for me. He was very friendly and was always forthcoming with any advice he could give me. He looked after everything for me and I didn’t have to leave the UK, he arranged everything. Great job to him! And, a big thank you to the Director he was such a gentleman!

The team member in Spain called me the say the bank had accepted the property back and the debt was settled. It felt like the world has been lifted from my shoulders. No more sleepless nights! What a relief. I never realised how debt can have an effect on your health. Feeling ten years younger, well almost!

If anybody finds themselves in this situation, you must contact EU property Solutions immediately, they will sort all your problems out like they did for me. I would have no hesitation in recommending EU Property Solutions to anybody.

Mr McG - Merseyside

Alboran Hills Settlement

“We contacted EU Property Solutions after they were recommended and introduced to us by our Property Manager in Spain.  We had reached a point where it was no longer viable to keep up with the associated costs of a property abroad …… it was financially crippling us!

We had purchased a property in Alboran Hills in the Costa Del Sol. Thanks to Ocean view Properties, we thought we had bought into a “Dream” and it became a 10 year “Nightmare” We were struggling with the financial commitments on our Spanish property and could not continue to pay.

Our case manager at EU Property Solutions saw our case through from start to finish. We met and spoke with him many times regarding our predicament. He was helpful, knowledgeable, informative and recommended we speak to other clients who had already successfully utilised their services prior to us committing to EU Property Solutions. He helped put our minds at ease from the outset.

EU Property Solutions supported us in obtaining the appropriate documentation to legally release us from ownership of our Spanish property, this included any financial commitments (including mortgage). We feel both relived grateful for what they have done for us. We could not have done this without them.

We would recommend EU Property Solutions to anyone in a similar situation to ourselves.  It’s just a shame that there are people out there who are looking for a legal solution to severing all ties with a property abroad and do not know who/where to turn to!

Mr & Mrs Smith - United Kingdom

Estepona Success

This week’s settlement saw retired friends from Birmingham appointing our services through an advert they seen online regarding our services.

They purchased an apartment in Casares del Sol near Estepona in 2007 for €260,000.  The mortgage outstanding was €145,000 with the value of the property after-sales costs calculated to be just €98,000. This left a €97,000 shortfall which both parties would be joint and severally liable for if a sale occurred.

Our clients were paying €918.00 each month for the property, there were 20 years of repayments remaining on the mortgage which was unfeasible for our clients given their retirement age. Furthermore, rental income was a mere €400 a month and the gentlemen had to consider IBI taxes and community fees payments too.

Our legal team put their mind at ease & advised them of a tailored solution to alleviate their burden which saw one of the clients delay buying a property in the UK. Further reassurance was provided by Telephone references who EU Property Solutions have assisted in the past.

Within 5 months of our appointment EU Property Solutions achieved the following:

  1. The surrender of the property to the Spanish lender
  2. A complete mortgage write off
  3. Community Fee Arrears and IBI taxes were included in the settlement
  4. Avoidance of Spanish Property Sales costs of 10-12%
  5. Protected UK credit files
  6. Protected UK assets

Both parties can now enjoy their retirement.

Mr R & Mr B - Birmingham

Charge Removal on an Emotional Case

A lady contacted EU Property Solutions after learning of a Charging Order of Land placed on her deceased sister’s property.

EU Property Solutions investigated the situation and learnt a balance was outstanding of €101,720 following repossession of Spanish property and sale at auction.

Once appointed EU Property Solutions negotiated directly with UK Solicitors appointed by the Spanish lender.

A settlement of €7,5000 was agreed resulting in savings of over €94,000 and the Charge was removed from the property.

This has created equity for the benefit of the estate who can now sell the property.

Mrs B - United Kingdom

UK Asset Protection

A couple from Leicestershire contacted EU Property Solutions as they received a letter from a Vulture fund requesting repayment of €162,000.

Previously the couple had handed the keys back to their respective Spanish Lender for a property in Los Balcones, Torrevieja. They thought this was the end of the matter.

EU Property Solutions legal team performed the relevant due diligence and found the client to still be the registered owners of the property.

Once appointed EU Property Solutions successfully negotiated the surrender of the property and wrote off the couple’s debt.

All UK Assets where protected.

Mr & Mrs G - Leicestershire

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