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Helping People With Foreign Property Debt & Negative Equity.

Is Your Home in Spain, Portugal or Cyprus in Negative Equity?

We offer a completely FREE, no obligation, initial consultation

Is Your Home in Spain, Portugal or Cyprus in Negative Equity?

We offer a completely FREE, no obligation, initial consultation

Struggling to Pay your Spanish Mortgage

If you are struggling to meet your holiday home payments, you may default on your mortgage. This could result in the repossession of your property and aggressive lenders can quickly become a nightmare for homeowners.

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You may be struggling to pay your Spanish mortgage as a result of:

  1. A change in personal circumstances in the UK
  2. No rental income from the property, especially if the property was sold with a guaranteed rental yield
  3. The mortgage itself is changing from interest only to a repayment basis
  4. Other property running costs affect the ability to meet the monthly payments due on the Spanish mortgage

Each and every Bank is different in their approach and attitude to those struggling to meet their commitments.

Overall, Spanish Banks are not too helpful when you struggle to pay your mortgage. They may offer short term payment holidays, but that does not solve the issue in the longer term.

If the problem persists, in their eyes then your mortgage account becomes a ‘delinquent debt’.

This could result in your mortgage being sold to what is known as a ‘vulture fund’. Typically, these Funds prey on such loans to maximise the recovery from struggling mortgage payers and are good at chasing the recovery of debts in the UK and ROI.

If you are in negative equity (also known as a negative mortgage), this struggle to pay is worsened because you cannot sell. This may leave you feeling that there is no end to this ongoing nightmare. Mortgage problems in Spain are common, especially if purchased during the property boom.

How we can help

EU Property Solutions has helped hundreds of people in this position, but it needs to be you who takes the first step.

You need to decide how to deal with the issue of your Spanish mortgage and the inability to meet the monthly payments is the real alarm bell here – take action now.

So, if you are struggling with your monthly repayments on a Spanish mortgage, call us and give us a try.

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We offer a completely free, no obligation initial consultation

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We are a UK based firm with legal teams in Spain and Cyprus who understand the market and Bank practices as they stand. We remove the language barrier and utilise law, Bank lending flaws and current client circumstances to negotiate the best feasible outcome for all our clients.

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EU Property Solutions was formed following the success of our associate firm Bell & Company. An FCA registered firm of Debt Strategists, Bell & Company assist individuals in difficulty in the UK and Republic of Ireland with Personal and Business-related debt issues.

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We have an excellent track record of success. Our success stories and testimonials come straight from our clients & highlight the high quality of our works and outcomes. We have individuals willing to speak to prospective clients on the telephone to offer their story and experience.

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Our obligation is always to our client and that is where our strength lies. Debt is highly stressful and emotional. We deal with debt day in day out and employing an intermediary removes emotion from the situation allowing clear strategy to be implemented to get the best outcome for our clients. Understanding a firm of professionals is acting on your behalf can remove stress and focus the mind to a positive end goal.

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