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EU Property Solutions operate in a niche field. We get asked a lot of questions and understandably so.

Below is a selection of common queries we are asked. If you need to know more call us today  or complete our contact form and we will call you back.

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  • Will an overseas Bank pursue me for the debt in the UK? Chevron down
    • Yes. Firstly, they must obtain judgement in the country the debt originates, for example a Spanish Property has a Spanish mortgage Deed governed under Spanish Law, the legal process must be followed here initially.

      Once a judgement is obtained the Bank can appoint Legal firms in the borrower’s home country to pursue the debt. We know of legal firms appointed and hand delivering debt collection notices.

  • Is my home at risk? Chevron down
    • Yes. If you do not engage with a lender and a judgement is obtained then your home is at risk. Banks will appoint legal representation and typically apply for a 2nd charge to be placed on your home in favor of your lender. The lender can then force a sale and receive funds.

      Our processes in all cases avoid full litigation and remove the risk of anything happening to your Home.

  • What about my Credit file? Chevron down
    • In most instances we can protect your Credit File. There are however some lenders who will look to place defaults on Credit Files. Our knowledge of lender processes can advise you if your credit file is in jeopardy.

  • Why would the Bank agree to a settlement? Chevron down
    • Banks agree to reduced settlements for a variety of reasons:

      • The quality of their lending was not up to standard at the time of purchase
      • The borrower is suffering financial difficulty.
      • A better return could be gained by the lender taking a settlement than commencing legal proceedings at cost.
      • The Bank has already been bailed out.
      • The Bank acquired your loan at a reduced cost.

      EU Property Solutions use the above and legal understanding to ensure settlements are achieved.

  • I’ve given the keys to the Bank and walked away. That’s the end of it isn’t it? Chevron down
    • Probably not. If your property was in equity then yes that’s the end of the matter.  However, if in Negative Equity you will be liable for any shortfall debt and legal costs plus interest accrued. Have a look at our UK Debt Recovery Page here. We can still help even at this stage.

  • Why should I trust you? Chevron down
    • Because we are good at what we do. EU Property Solutions understand individuals who contact us are in this situation as they have been burnt before. Rest assured you are working with a firm of professionals with incredible knowledge in this niche field. We can offer telephone references to all prospective customers.

      Our fees are transparent and include all legal works undertaken in that country in which your property is located.

  • What are your fees? Chevron down
    • Every case is different so firstly an assessment is carried out to see if we can assist.

      In Negative Equity / Shortfall Settlement cases we request a retainer fee on account to cover all costs until a settlement is reached. Once a settlement is agreed with your lender our agreed success fee is due. This is fixed and advised from the outset.

      In Spanish Deposit reclaims we work on a no win no fee basis. Our fee is 25% of monies recovered.

      In every case your fee is clearly outlined from the outset and a Fee Agreement is signed by all parties named on the Debt and an EU Property Solutions representative at the start of works.

  • What information do you need to assess my case? Chevron down
    • As mentioned previously every case is different.

      As a rule EU Property Solutions ask the a potential client to be honest and upfront when discussing their Overseas Property Debt issue. The more information you provide the better strategy we can develop and ensure there are no surprises when works commence.

      Being transparent gives us the best chance of ending your burden and allows us to protect what is important to most, the family home and their income.


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