Estate Agents Earn €1000 Commission in Tenerife

Uncertainty of the pandemic continues around the world as Economies reel because of the Coronavirus and imposed lockdowns essential to Public Safety.
Undoubtedly property markets suffer in periods of uncertainty, however, Estate Agents in Tenerife you can avail of a lucrative referral scheme.

EU Property Solutions assist borrowers in Negative Equity and those who can not sell but wish to get rid of their Property.
We can assist with all foreign negative equity properties.

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Estate Agents in Tenerife can get up to €1000 in commission!

EU Property Solutions are experts in helping people with foreign property debt and negative equity. We specialise in implementing strategies to resolve such problems tailored to each and every client circumstance. We have an opportunity for Tenerife Estate Agents:

Receive 1,000 for EVERY client that you refer to us that we can help!

Tenerife Estate Agents can now make an extra income alongside their current role. Look no further, if you have clients who could be experiencing the following issues on their foreign property, we have an introducer opportunity for you:-

  • Value of property lower than mortgage/loan i.e. Negative Equity,
  • Mortgages coming to the end of their term,
  • Mortgage arrears or problems with their lenders
  • IBI Tax issues
  • Interest-only periods ending,
  • Affordability/maintenance and desire to sell but are told they cannot, and
  • No rental income to rely on due to Covid-19.

What is in it for you?

Let’s cut to the chase…You have many of these people on your books trying to sell their properties or holiday rentals to try and reduce their monthly outgoings.

People who have a foreign mortgage that is in debt are trapped, they cannot sell, and you cannot directly help them. If you have any client’s (current or previous) who are struggling with the issues mentioned above, you can help them by referring them to EU Property Solutions.

Let us give you €1,000.

Contact us today with the following client information:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Confirmation you have spoken to them about our services.

When your client becomes a client of EU Property Solutions, €1,000 will be transferred immediately into your bank account.

If an extra stream of income interests you, please contact us on:

Phone: 0330 124 1230

Email: [email protected] Or complete our request for a callback form, at the top of this page. 

Watch the video below and get to know our Director, James Bell, and the role EU Property Solutions play in helping those with foreign property debt.

Success Story

I have had the privilege of working with EU Property Solutions since September 2015.

The company approached my company ref a client of ours who was struggling to pay his Spanish Mortgage and was in considerable arrears.

The client had a charge placed on his UK asset and was concerned as he had three children going through high school. EUPS looked at the case and with a superb team managed to settle the account for the client.

Since then I have introduced nearly 100 clients and they have resolved to date 80 plus cases with a further ongoing.

An extremely excellent professional team that certainly know their trade. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who feels they can be of help.” – Mr H Costa Del Sol.

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