FREE WEBINAR | Brexit and Covid-19 | What does this mean for property values?

Thursday 16th September 6pm (GMT+1)

In this webinar, our Chairman Terry Bell will be discussing how Brexit & Covid-19 have impacted property values across Spain & Cyprus.

Studies have shown that UK borrowers were the top buyers of Spanish property across December 2019 and January 2020, pre Covid-19. Fast-forward 12 months and the Spanish property market has come to a sudden halt as a result of the pandemic.

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FREE WEBINAR: Brexit and Covid-19 | What does this mean for property values?

One fact that can’t be avoided is that Covid-19 is having a detrimental impact on property values, not just in Spain but in Cyprus and across the whole of Europe.

Terry will be showcasing real-life examples of what we have been seeing with our clients in terms of their property values and how negative equity scenarios unfold along with advice tailored at second homeowners on how they can best protect themselves against mortgage issues such as negative equity, falling behind on repayments, repossession and something that we’re very commonly seeing now – cross-jurisdictional pursual.

We will also be hearing from property experts in Spain & Cyprus on their predictions for the property market in the upcoming year.

How To Attend

Our ‘Brexit and Covid-19 | What does this mean for property values?’ webinar will be hosted via YouTube. Details of the webinar will be sent to you in a confirmation email. You will be sent an email closer to the event with the link to watch our webinar.

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Over the past decade, EU Property Solutions has helped hundreds of clients across Europe to solve their property debt issues. EU Property Solutions and our Legal Teams understand the processes of Foreign lenders. We have the relevant communication streams to ensure your case reaches a successful settlement. Our skilled team, a network of legal connections, and close working relationships with European and UK lenders. This allows us to step in, negotiate on behalf of our clients and reach the best settlement for them.

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We are sending a free hard copy of our latest book publication ‘Foreign Property Mortgage Nightmare – 2006+ and all that…’ to everyone who is attending our webinar.

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Cypriot Mortgage Issues: Downward Spiral

Success Story

We recently negotiated a fantastic settlement for a client with a property in Cyprus who had a Swiss Franc mortgage.

  • Our client had no Title Deeds for the property, and it was in fact still in the name of the developer
  • The property was in significant negative equity. With the Mortgage at €230,000, the property only initially valued at approximately €70,000 the client was facing an overall debt shortfall of €160,000.
  • Our client was finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with mortgage repayments, despite the property being tenanted, the rental income only covered enough to pay half the management fees.
  • Our client’s financial situation was understandably becoming more stressed and unsustainable due to this financial burden.

Through extensive and laboured negotiations with the lender, developer, and client, our team at EU Property Solutions achieved a settlement figure of €32,000 including costs on a shortfall of €160,000.

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